Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last Days.....

Friday we went to the Hill AFB Museum.  It was interesting.  This is an F17 - also known as The Flying Fortress.  This is what Uncle Don flew in.  He was a top turret gunner (see the glass bubble on top?) 
She da bomb :)
Later Friday evening we went over to Crossfit to Friday Night Lights.  Here is Cam with some of her 2nd cousins that she doesn't get to see very often, Trapper, Kroix, Ridge, J.P. and Harper.
We hung out with Grandma Ben, and had fun watching the action. 
Saturday morning, Cam made pumpkin cookies for the cookout we would have later.  She made them ALL by her self.  She is quite the cook.  Smart, and clean, and very helpful around the house and kitchen.  
We headed over to the property about noon. The family was painting under the lean-to.  This is where we are going to stack the wood. 
Thatcher loves the swing, and these two LOVE to be the pushers :)
Tagg is a hard worker
So is Grandma D
They had a great time hanging out today.  Not a lot of fighting and competing, which is always a good thing. 
So glad Cam wanted to have a weenie roast before she left later in the day.  The day was not terribly warm, and the fire felt good,  and the warm sun was great too. 
We started to get all of the things under the bowery unpacked for the year.  Hope it doesn't snow again !
With Grandpa and Grandma Ben 
Picking up the nasty pile of rocks that got dumped in the field accidently.  They all pitched in with rakes and shovels, and the tractor bucket, and bare hands, and it was taken care of - Good Job Done.
Oh they love to ride with Grandpa 
Thatch, helping Daddy rake rocks.  He loves to help his dad, and Zac is always so accomodating. 
Tried to get a good cousin pic - but Tagg wouldn't cooperate (he's hiding behind Cam) - silly boy.
With Grandpa and Grandma D
At the airport - these two sure love each other.  The transition back to AZ is always a little hard for all of us, but as Cam has gotten older, the tears have stopped........  I don't suppose the sadness ever will.

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