Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Rush

Last night we headed out to Syracuse, and went to The Rush.  I had previously bought some discount tickets from Dwight Gailey's grand-daughter for an EFY fundraiser.  Apparently Dwight is part owner in The Rush.  They had some bounce houses and slides, which Thatch totally enjoyed, and some batting cages (which unfortunately weren't working).

They also had Lazer Tag, which I had never done before, but found out that I TOTALLY loved it!  There was a Master Blaster room where you shot little balls at each other AND targets, there was miniature golf (GLOW IN THE DARK). 

An arcade with tons of games, which the kids loved of course. (see below)

Really getting into it !

Daddy likes to help :)

Probably the most fun, was the Go-Cart racing, IN THE DARK !!

Around and around, going pretty fast.  It was totally enjoyable :)

Bowling at the end, when we were all a little tired. 

The only thing that wasn't open (beside the malfunctioning batting cages), was the swimming pool, which we weren't going to be doing anyway.  It was a fun night, and we stopped at The Pizza Factory on the way home, and BOY, can those kids put away some food !!  WOW !!   It was 10 pm when we finally got home, and it was a school night, and Rog and Zac both have to work this morning........and I'm afraid the morning at the Rich Ranch (Zac and CJ's) probably won't be a fun one.......but I'm glad we all went and had a pretty good time.  

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