Sunday, March 29, 2015

Working and playing at the Property

Outside doors get the final coat of paint
They love swinging !
Three Amigos
Master painter - MOM  (love you !)
Funny story - the other day I was coming to help mom paint, and as I got out of my car (before I came around the side of the building) I heard a little squeel, and a thud.  I ran around, and there was mom on the ground !    She was okay, thank goodness.  What was the cause?  A tiny little mouse, that she just about stepped on........she jumped, and rolled......   Glad she is okay !
The water heater is in, and the electric heater (wall mount) also. 
New pea gravel spread out........
Grandpa and Treyson relaxing
Tile man :)
Grandma D protecting Tahtcher from the windy day (see video under family videos above)
We decided to move a small table inside, so we could eat in peace. 
Tile is mostly done !
Selfie with my homies :)
Since the wind was so wild, we went and got the kites !  Oh what fun the boys had.  They became quite the pro's at it. 
CJ was the master kite launcher :)
Thatcher liked the big kite (Thanks Uncle Rylee) 
It was blowing, but wasn't really cold.  He's such a goofy kid. 
Go Treyson !
and Tagg !!
The floor was acid washed, and then rinsed and water sucked up, in preparation for painting. 

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