Saturday, March 21, 2015

Our Life Lately

We sent this picture to Payson - this is his baby chick.
He named her Motts :)
We've started breaking down the wood pile while has been in place since 2000.  We are splitting the wood, and placing it in the lean to.  Will it all fit?   Well, the wood pile is about 1/2 broken down, and we have 3 rows under the lean to, so we are going to be able to get it all to fit - hurray !
These three are a hoot !
Crazy kiddos
Yep - that's mom..... 77 years old, and up on the ladder working hard.   I want to be just like her :) 
We had to take down the pallets which had been screwed together, as we worked on the wood pile.  
This was Friday? afternoon I think.  We made another good dent in it today (Saturday)
Also, painted the exterior doors (primer coat going on here), and also primed the interior walls of the bathroom, and painted the plywood wall and ceiling (primer) in the storage area.  It's coming along nicely.
Mark and Carrie and Dallin and Dax came up, and everyone pitched in to help. 
As usual, there is alot of twigs to rake up at the first of the year.  Erika and Aaron, Tiana, Lance, and Colton came also.  Many hands make light work !
See what I mean?
As we got ready to eat lunch, and fired up the grills for the first time, we found an unexpected visitor who had made himself quite the home.  Can you spot him? 
We don't know if we will be meeting for Easter in two weeks, so we had an impromptu Easter Egg hunt.  Here they all are, getting ready to go !
We also celebrated Aaron's 54th birthday, which was yesterday I think.  Happy Birthday Aaron !!
I had everyone get in position, and took a family picture for the blog header :)  Thanks everyone !  Sorry to be such a pain.....
More raking........ it never ends......
Tired Grandma :)
It was a great day !!

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