Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Burn - a couple of days late :)

We always check with the fire marshall before starting our big burn pile on fire.  We don't want to have the fire engines showing up due some neighbors concerns.  There is a BURN INDEX that has to be above 500 in order to burn  (we are Airshed 5).  For the last two years, we haven't been able to burn on Thanksgiving Day, which has been a big disappointment.  Yesterday was a good burn day, and Zac came home early from working overtime, so we "gotter done".  
Of course the little boys like to get in there and help their dad !
They had just come back from Ogden with CJ - and they had these little sucker things, with faces.  Thatcher's was a chipmunk (or beaver).  
Of course we had to get our usual family picture.  Thatcher wasn't into cooperating today I guess. 
There was some water that had puddled, and frozen.  The boys had a grand time playing and sliding, and falling, and they got totally wet and muddy.  It didn't stop them though !
Then we went back up to Mom and Dad's to put up the Christmas Star and lights.  
These three continued to play in the snow.  How is it that little boys don't feel the cold the same way adults do ?
After we finished with the lights, Mom pulled out left over turkey, ham, and rolls.  It was a great day.   OH!  I forgot to mention.  Mark let us get his reindeer down from the shop, and we now have a herd in our front flower bed !!   

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