Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Recap :)

Our cute NERD :)   Cam went to a trunk or treat with her friend Isabelle last Saturday night.  Cute Cute.
For the actual Halloween night - she was a Killer Clown !!  Yikes !! 
Cam Claussen sported his SCARY JOKER costume.  Lookin' good Cam :)
Beautiful Witchie Poo - LOVE IT !   Manda hosted a Halloween party at their home last night, as a combo celebration for Bren's 35th birthday which is coming up next week.  I can hardly wait to hear all about it on Monday morning with our phone call. 
Aw....there she is............MUCH better (haha)   She spent this Halloween with her dad at Grammy Pam's and cousins.  I'm guessing this might be Grammy's house. 
And back to Morgan !  ALOT of Orange going on here :)
Official name of the costume?  DEAD KING   He looks awesome!
And our cute little NEMO !!  
And a DEAD DEAR HUNTER/Zombie :)
Eating some pumpking brains :)
Gee these kids are into violence !  Poor pumpkin......
Treyson the King
Tagg the Zombie Deer Hunter
And our little NEMO family :)
Darla (love the headgear :) , Nemo, and Mr. P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Scuba Man (what a sport!)
The whole FAM DAM !
Trick or Treat street was a total success !  Love this Morgan tradition.
Lovin' the cotton candy with the Wardell girlies 
And it's over.........All tuckered out after the party - Magnum P.I. aka Bren :)  

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