Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November 19 - Day 7 Ruins and Trip to Manila

Ha ha too funny of a face :)  Love you Hon !
Click on the picture to read what Payson's pre-school teacher had to say about him !  
Since our plane was delayed for two hours to go to Manila, we had time to go to The Ruins.  It's a huge house, that was burned during World War II.   Click here to see more about it. 
They were afraid Payson was going to fall in the koi pond
It was pretty hot !   We were glad to get to the airport......
....where they have this cute room for kids to play in while waiting for flights. 
Boarding the plane to Manila
Daddy didn't get much sleep last night (he worked), and he was supposed to keep Brightyn awake, but as you can see, he failed miserably :)
Hauling all of the luggage AND the kids around is quite the ordeal. It is good to finally get the bags checked in Manila, and they go all the way to the states and we don't have to handle them again. (Except in customs at LA, which was a total joke, huh Kacey!)
Manila - forever more when I think of Manila, one word will come to mind  TRAFFIC !
Our Hotel
All decked out for the season
This little display kept Payson totally entertained.  You dropped pesos in, and a little Santa Band played a Christmas song. 
A view from our hotel, looking towards the bay (but you can't see the water)
We went to the Mall of Asia, it is one of the top 5 biggest malls in the world.  WOW
The kids were starving, and TGIFridays was a much needed dinner.  You should have seen Payson chow down on the spaghetti, and Brightyn ate every piece of anything you put in front of her. 
This mall has it all - bowling, ice skating, movie name it !

Soon after we headed back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

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