Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 18 - Day 6 Mambukal

Pretty Trusting  Brightyn :/
Today we traveled back up in the mountains to Mambukal Resort.  Jordyn and Cody and Kellen came with us today.  The drive there was beautiful. 
These are terraced rice fields
Do you know what they are pointing at ??  CJ, any guesses??
Why there is one flying - right there !!   BATS !!!!!!
It was lush and green and JUNGLEY - is that a word :)?
Our Crew
Here is a better shot of those BATS !!  Wow, I'd hate to be here at night. 
We hiked up to the first waterfall.  There were young men there to help us out.  Here is one with Payson and Kacey.  They are a quiet sweet hard working people.  
The walk wasn't too strenuous - it was very nice, and in the shade of the trees wasn't too hot, although I did get a workout ! 
Apparently there are six waterfalls - and Landon and gang have hiked all the way to the top one.  We are glad we stopped at the first one today !   
Love these guys :)
The locals had stacked a bunch of rocks - some of them were balanced quite intracately. 
Photo Shoot ! 
Kisses and Hugs
On the way back down.......
Time for a bum change !
She's a trooper - so is Dad
It was beautiful there
There was a butterfly enclosure
It was fun to walk around and see the different species.
Pays liked to look, but didn't like it when they flew at him. 
Taking refuge behind Jord.
That Grin !
On the way home I was able to get a shot of the rice that the locals have laid out on tarps to drive by the side of the road.  Sometimes we saw them mixing and turning it with rakes......and sometimes with their feet.  It was literally inches from the cars that passed by. 
Another cemetery - Mom, I thought about stopping to get some Find-a-grave info!  
Back at home, Mom and Dad went to Crossfit again, and we hung out.  Pays and Grandpa spent a good long time playng with this truck.    
The sun was setting, and I was able to get this neat picture of Roger's shadow and Pays.  
We went over to THE DISTRICT, which is another indoor/outdoor shopping mall near their home.  Payson got some new headphones for the airplane ride. 
We had dinner at a little place that served American Food.  Payson likes his "devices" !

We will fly tomorrow, to Manila where we will spend a couple of days touring around and seeing the sights before getting on the plane for our long trip home.  This is been a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for Roger and I, and we have enjoyed it very much.

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