Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16 - Day 4 Jomabo Island

Breakfast - Early, because we are heading out for more fun !
Each morning we would have eggs and bacon and toast.  So good !
Back on the road - headed to Jomabo Island Resort.    We drove around the top of the island, about 3 hours to a port on the far side.   We saw so many sights.  I was taking pictures right and left. 
Alot of road construction - sure different than the states. 
I made Roger D. wear shorts today, and I think he was glad he did.  That is the boat that took us out to the island. 
These three young men (seriously they were probably in their 40's but didn't look it) were our captains/sailors.
We went with Jordyn and Cody and Kellen, and David Lufuentes and his wife and 2 daughters and nanny. 
Pays LOVED the boat !
It only took us about 30 minutes to get there. 
We had to walk a little ways from where they dropped us off. 
Beautiful Beautiful weather 
The shade was a nice place to be :)   These two would have been content to sit and play in the sand all day I think. 
I took the binkie out of her mouth for this picture, but we had to keep it in mostly so she wouldn't eat the sand !
The water was warm warm warm.  There were TONS of sand dollars. 
Cute little family, with Grandpa Roger in the background. 
I got down on my belly for this pic !
There were starfish (live ones) too !
It was a beautiful day :)

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