Sunday, November 9, 2014

Busy Busy couple of days......

Friday morning, CJ and Lindsey hung out with Mom, and she showed them just how to make raspberry freezer jam.  
I went up, and helped to herd the kidlets.  They were such good kids.
Towards the end we went down to the property - such a beautiful day.
We uncovered the cement which had been covered because of the cold.
Some little critter left his (or her) mark on the cement :)
We walked down near the creek to see if we could see any fish.  Dad saw some German Browns spawning the day before.
Can you spot them?
We walked back up the creek..............
and threw a bunch of rocks (that was fun !)
Had fun on the swings.
Kassidy spotted the owl
He watched us carefully, turning his head this way and that.  We wondered where his (or her) mate is.  There is usually two of them.  
Pretending to be owls :)
This picture was taken from the Richville Lane Bridge, looking south.  Can you believe the beaver dam that has been built?  It has to be at least 3 feet high, and is backing up all of the water. 
Later in the afternoon we went back over, and Thatch was quite the looker ! 
We convinced him to put a jacket on, and he climbed down in the creek bed to follow the boys.
The light is always so so beautiful at this time of day.
Golden Light............... Golden Days
Wardells were there working in the afternoon, taking out topsoil in preparation for widening the road. 
Thatch is a big helper :)
See that big pile of cinder block?  We (Zac, Grandpa D, Me, Roger and CJ) moved it all by hand.  It only took about 10-15 minutes.  Can you believe it?
Saturday morning, we went over to the high school to watch Treyson and Tagg in a little league wrestling tournament. 
They each took 2nd place.  In this match above, Tagg is wrestling Brooks Bybee.  Zac and Steve Bybee are in the bottom left hand corner of the picture.  They went to school together.  

He's learning !
They both had an audience :)  Thanks to grandmas and grandpas :)
Back to the property after the wrestles, and Brent and Billy Wall were starting the building. 
I'm not sure how many days it will take to do.  Maybe a week?  They got about 1/2 the way up the front of the building, and around the corners a little bit. 
Silly boys.  You can see where Wardells have dug out the topsoil.  They got some rocky pit run type rock from Round Valley to place in the hole. 
While we were all hanging around, raking leaves and such, and enjoying each other's company and warm weather, we decided to get all of the tables, and benches, and things covered up under the bowery, and all tarped up for winter. 
The kids had SUCH a great time with the leaves, and playing and running and jumping and swinging, and it was just a magical day.
Later we built a fire and roasted some hot dogs.
Here I am trying to see (in my phone) just how badly I singed my hair.   I just got it cut, and then proceeded to ruin it :(   CJ says it's pretty bad, but I can't see because my eyes are not very good. 
Thatch's trick is hanging on the back of the trailer, and being drug :)
  3 hours later, about 5:30 pm, this picture doesn't really show it, but it is almost dark, and the road is done !! What a great day !

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