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November 15 - Day 3 Campuestohan

Bath time - There are no bathtubs, and the showers are just in the bathroom next to the toilet with no doors.  I thought water would go all over, but it works.  They have a cute tub for Brightyn, and Kacey just plops down on a stool and gets right to business :)
This picture makes me want to say, "Hey, Pretty Girl" - and she would look up and flash that smile of hers :)  Look at the hair !!  It's growing so long on top. 
Hangin' with Pa - Roger's tablet with his "game" on it was a fun thing for Payson.  When the "tigers" lined up, they would open their eyes and growl. 
Now it's brother's turn - Kacey has a little helper :)
Not lovin' THIS PART !  
On the road - see the laundry hanging?
At a park where they bought "fish food" from a sweet little old lady.  Toothless, and a smile a mile wide.  She makes the food, and sells it so people can feed the fish.
Feeding the fish.
Another street scene - This is a "TRICY-CAD" - I think.  Is that right Landon?  It is a bicycle, a sidecar, used for hauling people, and...........
.........sometimes goods and supplies.  
I wish I could have gotten a ride in one, even if it was only for 1/2 a block.  If it is a MOTOR CYCLE with a sidecar, THOSE are called TRI-CYCLES, as opposed to "TRICY-CAD's" 
This is the supermarket that Landon and Kacey usually go to.  It was pretty normal, and by normal I mean, it reminded me of MY normal, in the US. 
See?  The supermarket is pretty modern, but it's different at the same time. Some things are really cheap, while others are extremely expensive. It is pretty hard to eat healthy here for Landon and Kacey, some of the produce is very expensive.
Let the action begin !
Some things looks familiar, and some things didn't.  Some things were reasonable (price wise), and others...........
Like these almonds, were like $32.00 in American money
1409 pesos = $32.00

You can get this exact bag in Costco for $14.00
More street scenes - this is one of those motorized TRI-CYCLES I was telling you about, powered by a motor cycle. 
Alot of meat hanging out for sale..............  You had to wonder just how SAFE it was !
Very typical scene.  It seemed that everywhere you went, there were small "stores" or shops with things for sale. 
We stopped at this small mountain resort called Bantug Lake Ranch, and who was there, but one of Payson's teachers at his Pre-school.  She came running over, and started loving on Brightyn (and Payson), and then members of her family came over and brought another baby, and then of course the picture taking began !
Fake horse - in preparation for a real one. 
Walking to the horse pasture.
There was the cutest little foal with his mama. 
What is Brightyn watching ?   
Oh yes !  Payson and Mom riding the horse.  
Later we found some turkeys, and stood back at a safe distance to watch them eat. 
There was a beautiful little lake, and you could fish for a few pesos.  Most of the people were fishing for food to take home for dinner. 
Not Landon - it was strictly Catch and Release ;)  Payson was too busy throwing rocks, and didn't want to fish at all. 
Back on the road we traveled further up the mountain.  The roads became a little worse for wear. 
We made it to Campuestohan Highland Resort
Cam-Poo-ES-TOE-Hawn (just like it's spelled;)
Again - all of the building was done with cinderblocks.  Oh how the craftsmanship pales in comparison to Brent Walls building he is doing for us at the Property.  
It started raining while we were there, and Payson took cover under this Transformer.  He wasn't scared of anything there, except the big KING KONG.  I didn't get a picture of it, let alone even got close to it.  It was Roaring, and Payson was nervous the whole time we were anywhere in the vicinity. 
A really fun place for the kids !
The rain increased, so we took refuge in the care for a little bit.   It hasn't been too hot, only in the 80's, for which we are grateful. The humidity hasn't been too bad either.
Then it stopped and we got back out to look at the rest of the statues - Grandpa and Spidy hung out :)
Had to get THIS picture, right?
Mom will go with him to visit Kung Fu Panda (much nicer than King Kong) 
Now you would think the this dinosaur would scare him, right?   NOT IN THE LEAST - he LOVED him. 
Copy Cat :)
There were zip lines that looked a little dangerous to us !
And bicycles balanced on HIGH WIRES.....
On the ride home I tried to take more pictures, so you could see the sights.  These were just inches (literally) off the side of the road. 
Do you know what this is ?  Any guesses??
A Cemetery !!
 I would have loved to have stopped and gotten out and looked around.  I'm not sure if the reason the graves are in crypts above the ground is the custom, or if it has to do with ground water?   
Sugar Cane fields everywhere - 
And big trucks, trucking the sugar cane to plants for processing. 
Each business has security guards, and they are dressed to the nines, looking like cops. Sometimes they carry guns, and they open the door for you as you go in and out of the businesses.
Back at the house - Almost ready for bed !  Another day done.  What fun we are having :)

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