Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17 - Day 5 Relaxing

Today was a "relaxing" day, since we'd been on the run for a few days.  Again we started with a great breakfast.  Brightyn sits in this little chair (a mini high chair), strapped to a regular kitchen table chair.  She loves her eggs !
Silly girl - what a face?
Look ma - no hands !  Except I can't quite get them in my mouth :)
Hangin' with Pa - what should we do today? 
Like most girlies, she doesn't really like to get her hair fixed
Love these two !  They are taking such good care of us !
Landon and Kacey have been so good to us, and it is very fun to see them interact with their kids in a family setting. Kacey is such a good mom, and very patient with the kids. Landon is so helpful as a dad, taking his turn at changing the diapers, and always there to help Kacey. 
In the city of Bacolod - some school girls.   I think this was taken near an artistic/architectual college? 
Beautiful mural and flowers
Old Catholic? church
Most shops look like the ones above.  Crazy, crowded, dirty......
This is inside the S&M Mall - quite a difference wouldn't you say?  Kacey said that there are many people who shop, but not too many purchases, because they have no money to buy.  Everyone likes to hang out here though, because of the A/C.  There are security guards at the doors, and metal detectors (I think) that we had to walk through. 
They always stop to get Kettle Korn at this little kiosk.  It is a similar kiosk that Landon is working on, to get their Dippin' Dogs set up in.  The rent in the mall is pretty expensive though. 
Back out on the streets....................
A little beggar boy, asking for a few pesos.......
We went to a bowling alley for a little bit.
Played a little Duck Ball
It was P-day and some missionaries were there bowling.  We went and talked with them.   They were so happy.  Two elders from the Philippines, and one from New Zealand, and one from Taylorsville Utah ! 
We played a little Duck Ball - the ball was about 5-6 inches in diameter, and looked to be wooden or some type of resin.  The "pins" were short squatty things. Payson had a great time. 
The electrical/phone/cable lines here are unreal !  Landon says if there is a problem, they don't take down the old line, they just add a new one.   
We at their favorite Chicken Place - quite the menu.  We had the Pecho.  It was good !  Don't know if I'd try the Boneless Bangus or Gilled Squid though - yikes !
Kacey showed us the way to make the dipping sauce, with a little bit of lime juice, soy sauce, and vinegar.
I believe the Chicken was called Chicken Inasol?  It is a native dish to Bacolod.  It was excellent.  The chicken came out on little skewers where it had been roasted.  Notice the rice on some type of bamboo leaf !  Pays LOVES LOVES LOVES Chicken and rice, it is his favorite.  
As we came out, we bought some Lansonee, a small fruit the size of a large grape.  You peal it (very thin skin), and it is sectioned like an orange.  It is a whitish gray color, and some of them have very sour pits.   I thought they were great! 
We stopped by the L'Fisher hotel where Landon and Kacey had spent their first month in Bacolod, before they got into their home.  This is on the top of the hotel, with beautiful swimming pools.  I had an hour and a half long massage here.  It was wonderful.  They dropped me off, got me all set, and then Landon came back and picked me up later.  The massage was only $12.00 (including the tip) - AMAZING !!!

Some construction going on - as you can see, more cinderblock.  The wood scaffolding looked very unstable and precarious!   All workers were in flip flops........crazy !!   Landon and Kacey went to Crossfit for a little bit this afternoon, while we watched the kids. 
That night we went to a little Italian restaurant on a back street alley.  Roger and I were pretty nervous, wondering just where we were going...........was it safe?  It was dark, and scary looking, but Landon and Kacey just were pros, and they know what is what, and we pulled over, parked, jumped out, got the kids, and leisurely strolled inside.  It was very nice, and we had the best pizza Roger has ever had in his life.  This crust, baked in a brick pizza oven (see behind Payson?)  
I had this dip/pate' that turned out to be chicken liver !  It was yummy :)
She loves her daddy !
Back home, it was kids on the floor, and crawling around - Payson driving his truck, and Brightyn crawling (Chasing) after him.   Round and Round the kitchen they went, under the little snack bar.........multiple times !
She's got that tongue thing going on like her daddy !
Cute kids - fun times :)

To sum up our thoughts for the day............
The weather is beautiful! The grandkids are so fun. Life is great!  We are so blessed.

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