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November 14 (remember, we skipped a day :) - Day 2 Bacolod

Here is a great picture of Landon and Kacey's home in Bacolod - it is quite nice by Philippine standards.  The walls of it (and all home we saw being built) are of cinderblock, and plastered and painted.  I don't know if that is because of the shortage of trees for lumber, or more likely the climate would be too hard on wood.

But first, let me tell you about our day (morning) getting to Bacolod from Manila.  We got up early at our hotel, and caught a taxi to the airport.  WHAT A RIDE !!! Manila traffic is unbelievable, seriously.  Busy Busy, thousands of cars, taxis, and JEEPNEYS, all crowded together, trying to get FIRST in line.....mix in a few TRICYCLES (motorcycles with a side car) and it words......

After we got to the airport with our baggage, it was an uneventful flight (1 + hours) to Bacolod, where we were so anxious and happy to get off the plane, collect our luggage, and hug our family.  We could see them outside the windows, and were waving to try and get their attention, and every time we did, the "porters" would come running, thinking we needed help with our three little bags.   It was a wonderful meeting with Landon and Kacey and Payson and Brightyn, then we piled into their car, and 15 minutes later we were home! (see above picture)

The weather is beautiful here. Not too hot or humid. It was so good to hold our family in our arms again. The kiddos have warmed up nicely, Landon and Kacey are such great hosts, and so good to us. We have visited Focus, gone to the mall, taken a drive and a walk around the neighborhood, ate at Pizza Hut (Rog loved that). 
Typical street, more in the "country" part of Bacolod
The front of the FOCUS building - this was FOR SURE a stop!  I've been imagining it since Landon has managed it, and now I know exactly where he is when he's working :)   There are three levels, and a bunch of hardworking people.  
Love the Motto !
Picture is kind of blurry - but you get the idea.

The people here appear very industrious and hardworking, and they all seem to have smiles on their faces. They are very beautiful people, and they are very young for their age. We met a security person at Focus the first day we were here and when asked how old do you think he is?  I said that I thought he was probably maybe late fifties maybe, and apparently he is in his early seventies and has been a stake president I was absolutely floored.
This was taken right outside of Focus in the alley where we parked.  These two little boys were begging for money.  The difference between the poverty and even the middle class here is striking. 
Landon bought them some food instead of giving them money. 

They loved the bags of chips, and were so excited and said thank you. I would guess they were about Treyson's and Tagg's ages.  Made my heart hurt. 
This is Edna.  She comes to Landon and Kacey's home  and cleans a couple of days a week.  She is in their ward, and is so appreciative of the extra income this affords her.   And when I say income, it is not much, at least by US standards.  They pay her very will for Philippine standards.  She is a single mom of two children.  She catches a ride into town, and Landon picks her up on his way home from work in the mornings (remember he works nights).   She is so kind and gentle with the kids, and they just love her.  One thing that struck me was the care she takes in the toy room, placing each toy just so on the shelves, all in occurred to me that her kids don't have many toys, and she probably never did, and it's almost like a second childhood experience for her.  I still try and work out in my mind, how these humble (poor) people feel, working for others who are so much better off, and what their feelings are........  I guess I'm projecting my own feelings, and honestly I really have no way of putting myself in their shoes.  I have no point of reference.  It is hard for me to wrap my head (and heart and feelings) around it all.  It makes me so very thankful for what we have, and where we live.  I'm tearing up just thinking about it. 
Here we all are !  So happy to be here. 
We drove back into town and went to Robinson's (a mall).  It was slightly raining, and a little boy met us in the busy parking lot, and held an umbrella over Rog's head for a few pesos.
We ate at Pizza Hut in the mall, and it was just like home !
Payson brings his 2 tigers (he found the other one!) with him almost everywhere we go.  He loves his animals. 
As you can see, the mall looks pretty normal, almost like home. 
We stopped at an arcade in the mall.
Pays tried his hand at a few different things.
While I pushed this little beauty around.
The kids are the center of every ones attention when we go out. It's like they are little celebrities. I guess little white babies are  a novelty.  
As you can see, a group of girls have stopped to get a picture of Brightyn.  She's a good sport, and usually smiles a mile wide.  
Back home - look at the smile !
Later we went outside for a walk.  Landon pointed out where Jordyn and Cody live, and also their landlord, David Fuentes.  It gets dark at 5:30 pm, and light at 5:30 am.  ALL YEAR ROUND !  I kept thinking, "What's up with this?" - it felt like summer to me, and so I thought we should have light until 9pm or so.   NOT SO !
Pays got in on the action out on the street.  Landon and Kacey live in a gated community, and there are guards that only let cars in to the people who live there.  There is a tall razor topped fence all around the development.  They feel safe and secure here, and more and more houses are being built all of the time.  
This is a dark picture, but we walked over to the "pool house", and Payson got his feet wet in the pool.  Actually he got alot more than his feet wet, silly boy :)

We were so tired and went to bed about 8 p.m., Rog woke up at 2:30 am,  It took a little bit to get used to the time change. 

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