Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20 - Day 8 American Cemetery

JEEPNEYS - a left over relic from WWII.  They were ubiquitous !  Check that word out Dad !!  They were EVERYWHERE !!  So color and bright.   As you looked around, all of the cars were newer cars (owned by rich people), and you couldn't see ANY old beater cars like you do in the states.  That is because the poor people literally can't afford ANY car.  They travel and get around exclusively on Jeepneys or Tricycles.  
We caught a taxi and tried to get to the American Cemetery.  You just had to hope and pray there was no accident, because car seats were not an option.  We never got going really fast though......
because traffic was gridlocked most of the time. 
At the American Cemetery in Manila.  You can't tell it by this picture, but the whole map is made up of hand placed tiles that are colored, and about 1/2 inch in diameter.  Amazing.  There were dozens of maps just like this one.  
Very majestic. 
All of the names listed here are NOT buried in the cemetery, but have unknown graves.  We found the name of Ronald Tonks Luckey, a relative, and Marge Mortenson's brother who died on in a Japanese POW camp, and was buried in the Philippines.  See his findagrave memorial here.  I added the picture of his name at this American Memorial there.  
Beautiful, sobering, quiet, respectful, sad, thankful.  As I watched little Payson run around, totally oblivious, and 70 years removed from those dark days in 1944 and 1945, I was so grateful for the sacrifices that the members of the greatest generation made for us. What a different world we would be living in, if they had not given what they did. 
Back out on the streets - I thought this was a pretty interesting building. 
Garbage Truck - loaded by hand
See the two little ones?  
Colorful houses on the river
Back to the Mall of Asia
This is right outside the mall, and is usually lit up, but they are working on it. 
Inside, Pays decided to ride another ride :)

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