Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving and the Day after

We ate lunch at Ben and Lu's - Roger  D. cut the turkey, with Ben looking on.
Our grandkids are ALWAYS up for pics !  
CJ's veggie/relish tray - A mini turkey !!  Yeah !!
Love You All !
It was such a great meal !   Grandma LuAnn's stuffing was EXCELLENT !!  
Someone likes PIE
Treyson said, and I quote, "This is HEAVEN on a PLATE"!  I think he had 2 pieces, and took one home too !
Yummy !
We did a little activity.  The thing I liked most was that both Treyson and Tagg, listed for their "T"'s, their respective brothers.   Love the Lovin' going on.   The "U" is for Uncle Landon :)   Love the spelling on "cousins" with a "K", and also the Native Americans.  Tagg was so surprised when I told he he DID know some Indians, he didn't know his cousins, Tiana, Lance, Brian and Colton were 1/2 Native American, and that their dad, Aaron was an Indian?!?!   We had a good laugh over THAT one !
Cute Coloring Thatch !
Treyson's list.   King Luthar, is Martin Luther King ;)
I taught the boys how to play chess, and was surprised at how easily they picked it up !
After awhile we went down to Mom and Dad's for dinner.   Thatch surely likes Tiana :)  She had performed with the Living Legends earlier in the day in Provo.  
We had everyone to dinner, excepting Brian (serving a mission in Oklahoma), Manda and her family (in Arizona), and Landon in the Philippines.  
Kacey brought the kids up as she headed out shopping.  Pays lasted only a little bit till he fell asleep in Kuk's arms. 
The Dickson's watched the Eagles kick butt............
.........and the Bettinsons planned their strategy for shopping :)
Many of the kids retired to the bedroom to play CLUE
After awhile we came back home with the grandkids,  Brightyn was a smiling baby. 
Not is this picture though !   Roger and I had a Thanksgiving sleepover !   We were BRAVE !!!   The kids were so so so so so good.  Brightyn went to bed at 8pm, and slept till 8 am !!  
These two little boys had so much fun running around and hanging with Grandpa
At about 9:30pm they were all STARVING, so we broke out the cold cereal for a late night snack.  Kacey came home about 10 pm, and took Payson downstairs to sleep with her in the bed, and we put the other boys on the living room floor and I slept on the couch.  Grandpa Roger was in the bedroom with Brightyn. 
The next morning after a breakfast of eggs and pancakes, we decorated the Christmas Tree !!  Oh boy, I had LOTS of helpers.  We put the Christmas music on and had a rockin' good time. 
Pays just loves this so much.   
I always just let the kids "have at it", and the only thing I worry about is putting the breakable bulbs up high. 
Brightyn sure loved it too 
These two tried to break the wishbone from yesterday's turkey - but it wasn't dry enough yet. 
Surprisingly she really didn't bother the tree too much. 
Later we made TURKEYS out of apples, toothpicks, raisins, marshmellows, cheetos, and cereal. 
Payson's turned into a PORCU-TURKEY
Then we colored................
and had lunch of Creamed Tuna on Toast...............
Visited the animals in the barnyard.  (AS a side note, our goat SAM died on Thanksgiving Day :(   )
Treyson is such a good helper
Tagg is such a faker
Run Run Run  Kick Kick Kick
Pays loved the SNOW !!
THEN.............we came in and made cookies !! 
I just let them do their thing...........  it is so easy to be relaxed in my old age :)
Best part about the frosting is the beaters !!

It was SUCH a great couple of days.  Now I need a NAP !

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