Sunday, December 7, 2014

Crazy days with Crazy little boys

Haven't these days been beautiful ?  I can't believe it's December :)
Friday, we watched Thatcher while CJ headed to Ogden to help Lindsey, and Kacey came up with Skylee and Payson and Brightyn.  We had pizza with lunch, and invited the grandparents.   Afterwards we went out to visit the animals. 
Brightyn LOVED the babies
So did Payson
Then is was time to feed the chickens !
THEN - they wanted to jump on the trampoline..........
They were quite confused :)
Grandpa decided it was time to clean out the chicken coop - he had some VERY interested onlookers......and then suddenly he turned into a MEAN chicken !?!  (see video below)
Afterwards, the little ones filled the boxes back up with shavings.  It was a tough job, as evidenced by the tongue between Thatcher's teeth ;)
On Saturday, Grandpa Roger watched Tagg and Treyson while CJ and I took Thatcher and met all of the other RICH woman at Olive Garden for the December birthdays.   When we came home, Tagg had drawn a picture of Grandpa Roger.  I personally think he looks like PAPA SMURF !
We brought home OLAF !   That is what happens when you go to Costco with a grandkid, and just can't say NO!   Olaf will live under Grandma's Christmas tree, as part of her Christmas Decorations. 
Later, the kids went over to HOMETOWN CHRISTMAS - and Thatcher got OLAF on his FACE !
And of course Tagg got a SHARK biting his eyeball........go figure !

Sure love the days spent with our grandkids.
Being a grandparent is the BEST !

Check out the videos below  - or on the link at the very top of the blog.

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