Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Year end activities and other stuff

Landon went with the Brooks bunch to the Logan area to hunt pheasants.  This was a first for him, and he had a great time.  
Meanwhile, Payson went to Kangaroo Zoo with his cousins and had a great time too !
Later that night, they came up and visited.  Wrestling around is always on the agenda :)
This little girl has no fear with her daddy :)
Rog and Zac worked some more on the Outhouse, but it sure has been cold ! 
Last night we went to the bowling alley for some fun.  They have such neat things for the little ones, so they can participate.  We put the kids (Treyson, Tagg, Thatcher and Payson) on one lane, and the adults (Zac, CJ, Landon, Kacey, Gwen, Veloy) on the other.  
We had pizza from Deb's and creme puffs for dessert.  
I sure like the way they have the chairs laid out compared to how they used to.  It's much less crowded, and easier to maneuver.
Brightyn and Grandma D.
Payson HI-FIVING after his turn.  There was alot of whooping and hollering !
Later, he got his little finger smashed between two balls, and there were a few tears ;(
Brightyn was just a happy happy baby as usual, even though she has/had a raging ear infection (that she showed absolutely no signs of being in distress).  She's on anti-biotics now.  
The score is kept automatically, so that was easy !
Our pretty girls 
And crazy boys :)
Monday night, Payson went with his cousins to Classic skating.  They let them take their scooters to get around.  How fun is that !?
Watch out skaters !!  haha
And last, but not least.  Yesterday (December 30th) was the 36th anniversary of our little Ambure's death.  It was so bitter cold, just like it is this year.  I know that 36 years ago, we couldn't have imagined every being happy again, let alone being with our family on a dark cold winter night, having a great time at the bowling alley with 5 of our grandkids, and 2 of our children (and their spouses), all of whom were not even born when our little Ambure went home to heaven.

Life goes on.
Families are Forever.
We are 36 years closer to being with her again !

Won't that be a great day ? :)

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