Sunday, December 14, 2014

What our Saturday Looked Like

Legacy Events Center in Farmington - I froze.....  If you look really closely, you can see Rog and CJ and the boys on the far side of the building. 
Tagg wrestled, and got his fanny handed to him three times - three pins. 
He has no interest in learning at this point.  Maybe he is a little too young.  He has fun though, and I love him and hug him, and tell him good job, and he smiles :)
Treyson on the other hand, listens to Grandpa Roger.  I think it's the age difference. 
Treyson pinned two opponents, and they was pinned by the last opponent.  He took 2nd.  Way to go Treyson !
Back to the property, Zac and Grandpa and Grandma D had been busy !
Later that night we had everyone over for chicken noodle soup.  We also watched Payson and Brightyn while Kacey went to Ogden to the temple.  Brightyn wasn't feeling the best.  She sure likes the men - I think she misses her daddy.  Thank goodness he'll be here on Friday !!  Yeah !!
The kids had fun playing with the Mexican Train dominos
Such concentration :)
Thatch is pretending to be a chicken - laying eggs :)
What a goof!
Ta Da !!
Such sweet little ones - they are pretty loving towards each other. 

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