Saturday, December 20, 2014


Kacey went to Ogden to do some last minute shopping, so Pays came up to play for a little while.  We decided to make cookies for his daddy who was coming home in just a few short hours.   This boy was ALL smiles, and every little bit would spontaneously break out with, "My Daddy is coming on a BIG airplane !!!!"

We got to the airport a bit early, and all we heard was, "Where's Dad?"  Then when Kellen and Jordyn showed up, it was crazy run around city.  You could hardly keep the boy contained !

Oh boy - is Payson ever happy and excited.  You could not wipe that smile off his face.   Brightyn on the other hand didn't know quite what to think...........

Landon tried to get her to look at him, but it was totally NO EYE CONTACT.  Then he gave her a little smush on the cheek (with his scruffy beard).................

Oh boy.....................she was totally upset about that !
Poor Brightyn, Poor Daddy....... back into mom's arms she goes.
It only took about 3 minutes, and she was in her mom's arms, still crying....but leaning out to her Daddy, wanting him, and crying.   A couple of minutes later, she was in his arms, NO crying, and now she won't leave him !!  If anyone tries to take her, she totally gloms onto him.   We are so happy to have HIM HOME !!!!

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