Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Week Mixup Mash

From Saturday morning (the 20th) to Christmas Day - it's been a crazy fun time, in AZ, and Morgan, with Rich Family, Dickson Family, Our family.  Enjoy the pics !

Less than 24 hours home from the Philippines, and Landon is helping to ref little league basketball.  Here he is with Grandpa and Grandma D.  Hugs Hugs Hugs, hasn't seen them in person since summertime !
Treyson in the middle (running) in green.  Great game.  They were totally creamed, but Treyson made the first basket for his team !!  Yeah Treyson !
Rich Family Christmas Party - 1st annual Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.  I think Nathan won the adult division, with Sydney's sweater that she made, but wouldn't wear.  I can't remember who won the kids division.  It was a fun day, and Aunt Lynette made a surprise visit down from Idaho, and that was extra special.  We missed's a hard time for her family especially this year.  
Then off to sunny warm AZ  we went !  We flew down this year, and it gave us 3 full days to be with our family.  
The kids decorated gingerbread men.....
and had a great time. 
I made them pose for the requisite family picture, and they grudgingly cooperated.  It sure turned out better than last time, when Cam Schutt was in a snit :)
We had a wonderful Christmas turkey/ham dinner on Sunday with Therese and Mitch and Elle, and Jessica and Marvin.  So so yummy.  I just loved being around everyone, relaxing, food, warmth, it was just great. 
We relaxed on Monday, and early Tuesday, Cameron Claussen headed out to Colorado to spend time with his maternal family, and Bren headed to work, and Manda, Cam, and Grandpa and I headed to the mining town of Jerome, AZ, about 2 hours north of Phoenix. 
It was a crazy cool little town with funky buildings and shops.
Taking selfies at the "Haunted Hamburger" eating establishment.
She ate the WHOLE THING !  (almost)
Back in Morgan, we had a breakfast Christmas get together on Christmas Eve. 
Mom's old waffle iron, still working after 50+ years.  It wouldn't be Christmas without Mom's waffles. 
We played "quarters" or "Left, Right, Center" - Tiana won !!
Then a little Pictionary......
The Bettinson Family - minus Elder Brian Bettinson
The Dickson Family - minus brother Jaden (flight attendant flying somewhere)
Then it was time to open presents.  I made my dad a very special book, and also gave copies to my brother and sister.  Click here to see the finished project.   They were all very happy to get the book.  I loved working on it. 
Always time for a little "Sorry"
And of course, we can't stop working on the OUTHOUSE.
It's coming along quite nicely, and it is sure good to have Landon home to help Zac, as Roger's arms still aren't 100% yet.  He goes back to the doctor on Monday, and will probably be cleared to go back to work after the first of the year. 
Christmas Eve (later) we went over to Zac and CJ's, and checked out the jammies and blankets from Grandma Shirlee.  Awesome !!
This is what we woke to on Christmas Day - yes, it's white, but we were hoping for a little more than the 2-3 inches we got :(
We had Christmas Breakfast at our house about 10:30 - we had ham, and eggs, and pancakes and hashbrowns. 
CJ made me this great MEMORIAL/Christmas wreath.  I say memorial, because our Peacocks are no more.......  They were killed by some varmint that dug into their pen (while we were in AZ) ...... I think we are DONE with fouls that keep getting killed. 
Thatcher tried out some GREEN stuff........
That I made with my new BLENDTEC !!!  Yahoo !!!
(Roger D. got a new Tuff Shed - but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet)
Brightyn liked her baby :)
Payson and his Egg White :)  
Zac and CJ worked on some Lego tables for the boys. 
They got them for free off of Morgan Moms, and too the glass tops out, replaced with wood, then glued down the Lego mat, painted them, added storage bins........   Great Job !!
Last but not least, Thatcher and his OLAF bedroom.  That boy sure loves OLAF !!

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