Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oh What Fun.............two little boys and Grandma

Payson came up yesterday while his mom went to lunch with friends.  He loves the piano, and will sit and gently play the keys.   It went well until he got his little fingers caught in the cover (that closes), then there were a few tears.   See the Christmas books on the piano?  I've got a few this year, and by far, the favorite (not a Christmas one), is One Little Match.  I bet I have read this a dozen or more times to both Payson and Thatcher.  The pictures are beautiful, and are actually illustrated by a fellow classmate of mine at Morgan High, Dan Burr who is now famous for his art, and lives in Idaho.  
Thatcher showed up a short while later while his mom went with friends to wrap Christmas presents.  I vacuumed the house while they ran around and had fun.  While doing this, I found THIS !  It was under my kitchen sink.  YUCK !!  Of course, the boys came running when I screamed, and they were ALL SORTS of fascinated with it.  Payson tried to touch it several times (I didn't let him), but of course I just had to get this picture.  You know me ;)
We took the mouse outside to the garbage, and it was SO WARM !   The boys ran and played, and went back and forth !  They have so much energy.   Payson is fascinated with the goats, and lets them nibble on his fingers, and he just giggles and squeals.   
Then they got on the scooters.  Thatcher has been around them for a couple of years now, and he's a pro.  Payson is just getting started, and he was pretty cautious, and didn't quite get the hang of it, but then suddenly it "clicked", and he was doing pretty good !
After a while we went back in the house and I made a BEAR DEN for them with blankets over the kitchen table.  Have you seen any cuter bears than this?  
I pretended to be a MEAN TIGER, and got down to get them.  As you can see, Thatch is all smiles, while Payson would get this scared look in his eyes, and say all serious, "Be nice Toger".  It was so cute.  It is fun to see them interact with each other, and their different personalities.   I loved yesterday.  Nothing beats being a Grandma. 

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