Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year

Thatch slept over last night while his parents and brothers went to a New Year's Party at Jace and Amber Sargent's home.  We had a good time watching Frozen, and just playing around.  He slept with Grandpa Roger, and "I" had a restful night's sleep (haha) - He enjoyed a good breakfast of two scrambled eggs before we took him home. 
I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup,  and they all came back up, along with Grandpa and Grandma "D".  We had slush, and little smokies, and shrimp and cocktail sauce too.  It was great !
Then we played a fun game called, "Head's Up"
Then they got their snow clothes on, and we  tackled the MINI hills off of our backyard.
The swing is even fun in SNOW !
Licking his icycle  ice cycle? icesickle?  How the heck do you spell it ??  I'm getting old.......
Can't get enough !
Then we went over to the Property, and dug out Grandpa D's old toboggan he built 50 years ago.
They had so much fun being pulled around, and Me, and Grandpa Roger and CJ took a turn also.  The little boys loved falling off (on purpose).  Check out the videos (at the top of out blog) for some fun times !
Landon and Kacey and the kids came, and we retired to the house for hot chocolate with mini marshmellows.
Landon played a little SORRY with the boys (while watching football)
After we went back to our house, Thatcher and Payson had a great time playing around and doing puzzles.
Brightyn - cheesing it up for the camera.

It was a GREAT DAY !  

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