Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Fun couple of Days, with a BUNCH of cute kids.

Insulation going in - and it's sheetrocked also !  I need to get pics of that. 
Creek is totally frozen - Tagg loves to be on it.  It is really smooth in most parts.  Looks like it would be fun to ice-skate on. 
Mom made sandwiches for these POLAR boys.
Payson celebrated his 3rd birthday before heading back to his "white house in the Philippines".  
Brightyn celebrated her 1st birthday - it is actually on the 7th, but they will be gone. 
She LOVED it !
Then it was time for a wash off in the sink :)
Today we watched the kids while Kacey and Landon went to the temple to see Brook Pierce and Jackson Lake's sealing.  It was a crazy mad house at time, let me tell you !!.  Here we are trying out my new SELFIE STICK, with the remote control "clicker" to take the picture. 
Two Ninjas and their swords
Oh how we love this sweet CHEESER thing!
Grandpa was such a help with the kids.  I love him so much !
We had Kaley's three kids for a little bit also, and they love GRANDPA ROGER, that's for sure !
Watching a little "BRAVE" on the TV.  These boys sure are comfortable, not sure about Roger D. :)

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