Saturday, January 10, 2015

What a great birthday !

What a GREAT DAY !!   I took this picture about 9am, after I had returned from an early morning workout at CROSSFIT UNKNOWN.   I did it !   I'm feeling so much better that I was last year on my birthday, which was probably the WORSE one I've ever had.  This year I'm working out and less weight, and I feel great (although the 2nd day after a 1st day at crossfit is PAINFUL !!! YeeOZZer!)   This past week I went to lunch with April Rose-Hales, Sherilee Olson and Laura Wilson, and today Annette and I went to Taggarts.  It was just a great day all around ! 
My sweet daughter from AZ sent me an AMAZON gift !  It was so cool!  All wrapped up in a gift box, with a personalized gift card.  It is amazing what you can do over the internet.  Inside was a pair of workout gloves (for working with weights).  That couldn't have been a better present, because I left my old ones at Bethany's never to be seen again......   Love you Manda !
We went over to the OUTHOUSE, and saw the awesome little garage door that Clay Wilkinson put up.
He does such good work !   
It's coming along !   I think they are going to start on the metal roof today.
And last but not least, we had everyone up for homemade pizza last night, and I took a picture with my new SELFIE stick !  It is such a fun little contraption.  It was so great to have everyone here.  Landon and family had called earlier on FACETIME, and it was so good to talk to them.  Payson wants to come to our house, and it just about breaks my heart.  We just keep saying, okay, in June, okay, in June......

Manda and Cam called me earlier in the morning (before I went to Crossfit), and that was so sweet of them.

Then the evening with everyone coming for pizza AND STAYING A LONG TIME  was the topper for a great day !!

Thanks to everyone (including all my Facebook friends) who made my day extra special.

Oh!  And I can't forget Roger D.  He surprised me with 3 new pair of pants from Costco !!  I know - Costco!!  Are you kidding me?  I LOVE THEM !!   There's a whole funny story about that too !   Suffice to say, he now knows the AVERAGE and MEDIUM mean the same thing ;0)

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