Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Last Saturday

I promise, I only turned my back for a minute...........or two...........  Actually I was on the treadmill, and he was supposed to be watching Johnny Test (on Netflix).  He found Roger's chocolate bar.  Thank goodness I was able to get the chocolate stains out of his new Christmas shirt !

This was the crew at the Morgan Middle School gym, watching Treyson's basketball game.  Family support is SO GREAT !!  Love our FAMILY !

Tagg is working on getting another tooth out :)

After lunch at Grandma D's, we played a quick game of Sorry before going down to see what work was getting done on the Outhouse.
They got most of the metal roof on ! 
I'm too lazy to put this in order - but the ball flying through the air?  It just went through the basket, thrown up by no other than TREYSON !!  He made one of only 4 baskets (8 points total score) during the entire game.  Our team struggles......

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