Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fun in the Philippines

This is a beautiful field growing rice.  Landon and Kacey and Cody and Jordyn have contracted with someone to manage this.  I think Landon said it is about 2 1/2 hectars (about 5 acres).  Only native Filipinos can own land in the Philippines, but ex-pats (our guys) can contract with the natives, and pay them to plant, grow, and harvest the crop.  Rice is like grain in Utah.  It must be re-planted.  It does not come back like alfalfa.  Because of the climate down there, they can have 3-4 complete crop cycles during one year.  As far as marketing the rice, Focus has a plan in place as part of their payment to the workers, to supply X number of pounds of rice for the family.  Landon and Cody will be able to negotiate a better deal for Focus than they have been previously receiving when purchasing rice.  It will be a good deal for everyone - the actual farmer, Focus, and our gang. 

For Kacey's birthday, they decided a little getaway was in order.  They traveled south along the coast to Sipalay, to a beach resort for a little relaxation and fun.  Look at that beautiful sunset !
I've circled Bacolod (where they live), and Sipalay.  I imagine it took them 4-5 hours? to get there.   When we traveled to Port Danao (north and around the top of the island), it was at least 2 hours.  I'll try not to think about the "ride" until they are home safe and sound.  Crazy drivers, passing on crazy roads........   

Looks beautiful - hope they have a great time. 

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