Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday !

From this....................
( just LOVE this pic)

To THIS !!
Click HERE  to see "The Year I was Born" book for Brightyn.  It will be waiting for her when she gets back in June !  We sure love this sweet little thing :)  We got to Facetime with them last night, and see her.  She was tired, but not onery....just yawning, and running her fingers through her hair.  She is content to play alone with toys.  She is smiley, and loves to cheese with the camera - IF you have the flash on (see pic above).  She can patty cake, and blow kisses, and wave bye bye.  She's a daddy's girl most of the time, and loves her grandpas and MEN in general.  We sure love you Brightyn !!

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