Saturday, August 30, 2014

Downs................and Ups :)

DOWN - Headed out the door to the hospital for rotator cuff surgery and bicep repair.
UP - These yahoos brought him cards and treats :)
DOWN - He's restricted with a sling, blood clot prevention hosery, ice pack machine, but otherwise feeling good, not too much pain, and anxious to start physical therapy next week. 
UP - I went over and helped Mom and Dad can 48 bottles of tomato juice :)  They are the best, and work so hard for their family. 
DOWN - Rog is going stir crazy !
UP - Shirlee and CJ braved three little boys at the Ogden Temple.  1. Full of questions  1. Mr. Onry and 1. Didn't want to wear the booties, and wanted to be carried up and down the many stairs....... 
UP and DOWN - I bottled Sweet Pickle Relish, but it turned out too runny, and I only got 6 pints our of two batches.  I don't think I added enough cucumbers.  
UP and DOWN - Treyson's game was cool and rainy and windy.  We lasted until half time, then went home.  They did end up winning though.
UP - Tagg is looking like a jack-o-lantern.  He is losing teeth right and left.  That big one on top is the "daddy" one (his words), that finally came in after he lost the "baby" one on Christmas Eve 3 years ago in an accident at the shop. 
UP - Payson will be starting Pre-school on Monday.  He went on Thursday, to try it out (with mom and dad), and he had a great time.  Hopefully it will go really well :)
We walked across the bridge to see the tree that has come down on the other side of the creek.  On the way back I got this shot of mom and dad.  Wish it would have been closer :)
Selfie on the bridge - my new OBIT picture :)
Roger is saying "Hurry, I'm getting dizzy!" 
Cameron and Manda and Bren went to OUT OF AFRICA today and had a good time.  Cam Schutt was with her dad this weekend. 
Our good friends - the Prescotts.  I was really happy to see this picture.  They haven't all been together for A LONG TIME.  Finally this weekend !   So glad they got a pic.  

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