Sunday, August 24, 2014

A week in our life.......

Treyson and Tagg started school this week.  Treyson had to stay home the first day because of PINK EYE.  This picture is actually the 2nd day.  They loved it !   Treyson is in 3rd, Tagg in 1st.  Thatch misses them while they are gone! 
Zac and CJ celebrated their 11th anniversary on the 21st.  They went to dinner and to the Ogden Temple Open House. 
Raspberries are on at Grandma D's.  Everyone gets in on the picking, except me :(   There are just too many wasps, and I totally freak !   The kids sure love them though. 
Fresh out of the garden.  Fresh for supper !  YUM!!
Dad has SUCH a beautiful garden.  We are so blessed to be able to reap his hard work and harvest.  Thanks so much Mom and Dad.  We love you.
They have to each get a carrot.  Brush off the dirt, munch away :)  We gather the garden refuse in the big red garbage cans daily, and take the the animals in our barnyard. 
They LOVE this time of year !
We watched the boys on Thursday while Zac and CJ went out for their anniversary.

A little treat at J's
Saturday morning soccer.  Treyson is the tall one in white.
The little boys had fun on the "toys" during the game.
The Mannings came up for a quick lunch between  games and rain storms on Saturday.  They are both appraisers I've worked with.  Lisa is my rep from the USTC, and Jeremy helped with my commercial reappraisal last year.  He works for Summit County. 
Football game later in the day at Layton.  Treyson wears Roger's old number 44 :)
After the game - a team meeting.  They lost:(  Coaches are Bill Ross, Jon Cannon, Gilgen, and others.  Ryker (Casey's son) and Treyson are on the same team.  
Fun times !

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