Monday, August 11, 2014

Tree Trimming - Family Style

We had some limbs hanging over the roof of our house.  I thought maybe 20 or so limbs, cut off (2 inches in diameter) would do the trick.  THEN we decided to go further !
Treyson was a big help 
We managed to fill TWO trailers, and took the limbs over to the burn pile.
Zac was in his element !  He seemed so confidant, that I didn't even worry.  I've seen him do this before.  He is amazing.
Okay - maybe I did get a little nervous.........

He had to get on the roof for a few of them.  
CJ and Grandma came to help, along with Tagg and Thatcher.
Notice the gloves?  He thinks he's just as big as everyone else :)
Jockeying to a new position while Roger D. hold the chainsaw on top of the tall ladder. 
This limb had to fall JUST RIGHT....

Tagg had the pruners, and got in there to clean out the bottom of the tree from all of those suckers that pop out every year.....I HATE THEM
Clean up Crew
Then we headed to the property for lunch with Mark and Carrie's family.
Here is Tagg cutting the cucumbers (very intently :)
It was great - we had Mtn. Dew Chicken and Peach Cobbler in dutch ovens, Carrie brought rolls from Kneaders........Mom made a coleslaw salad, and cucumbers in vinegar, and jello salad..... YUMMY !
Tagg, Treyson, Thatcher, and Dax
Then we went home and watched it RAIN !
It came down so hard and fast for about 30 minutes......Flooded the barnyard - WOW !!

Click here to see the video

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