Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tonks Reunion

Thatch was my buddy at the Tonks Reunion last Saturday.
Erika and family were out of town
Mark and family - other responsibilities
Rog and Zac and CJ and Treyson and Tagg - 2 hour ?!?!? (are you kidding me?) little league football game...........

We had a fun time anyway :)
There weren't as many kids this year.......it was kinda low-key.
Thatch played really well in the sand.
And he was about 1 of 4 kids who got a shot at the Pinata
My cousin brought her puppy............
This is a 200 pound Great Dane.
Can. You. Believe. It????
She says she won't eat dry dog food, and only steaks and chicken.......
Rog and the crew came after the football game was over, and mostly after the reunion was over, but it worked out just fine, and we had cold pizza, my famous macaroni salad, cottage cheese, Pepsi.  Who could ask for any better?  Then we helped mom and dad clean up and haul everything back to the shop and garage.  Great Times !!!

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