Saturday, August 9, 2014

Great time at the Property last night

To celebrate Mom's birthday, we gathered at the Property.  Erika's family was able to come (Mark's will come today).  The little boys were sure happy to see Tiana, and Brian and Colton, and they all played, and chased, and swam, and then as it got dark, they played "Ghost in the Graveyard".  Thatch thought he was just as big, and was running around with all of them.  The adults just sat and talked and enjoyed the beautiful evening. 

The water MUST have been cold, but they all got in and had a great time. 

Tiana even got out on the swing.  Brian doesn't ever get in the water, Aaron got a new smark phone.  Erika in her Disney Hat, Mom making sure Thatcher doesn't take a header in the creek. 

Grandma D and Thatcher

Kuk and Aaron

Colton has got the swing perfected !  Zac is the "rope thrower - backer" on the other side.

I told Rog and wanted a CLOSE picture........he's a goober :)

Sure love him though, even though he doesn't like his picture taken !

Mom and her girls :)

They are now both 77 years young, and will celebrate there 58th anniversary tomorrow !

The girlies :)
CJ, Veloy, Gwen, Tiana, Kuk

After the swim, they gathered by the fire to warm up !
It was a great evening :)

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