Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pics at the Property

CJ and Lindsey decided (bravely) to have Gloria Phillips (a friend) come and take some pics of the kids early Friday morning.  Oh boy - 10 kids........three moms......... It's quite an undertaking.
Sometimes there was cooperation
Sometimes there was not :*(
Sometimes the smiles were just plain "weird" (love ya Treyson :)
Sometimes you get JUST that perfect shot.  BTW, Grandma Gwen got this cute one!
Roger D and Dad were down trying to get the damn dam unclogged.  I really don't know why they worry about this.  I worry more that someone is going to fall in and drown! 
Oh, and here's a cute one of Lindsey's girls.......  I tell ya, it's a BIG STRUGGLE to get six cute little faces pointed forward and smiling :)   Let's see if I can get it right.  Kamry, Kendyl, Kennedy, Kaydence, Kathryn, did I do CJ?

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