Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Fair AND a Drive In Movie !

Our new baby goats, Paris and France have been sleeping in the manger :)
Yesterday we went up to Grandpa and Grandma Ben's and took some bark for their front flower bed.  We took out all of the red lava rocks, and replaced them with the bark.  
The two chickens and one rooster took first place !  Grandpa Roger must be a good chicken farmer :)
I was tickled that the quilt I made for Landon and Kacey got first place AND honorable mention !
If you look where Cam's finger is pointing, she won first place on the frame she hot glued sea shells (from Rocky Point) on.  Yeah !  Three shelves down are Treyson and Tagg's pinewood derby cars.  Fair time is fun !
What a goof !
Treyson and Zac Sargent - muscle men !

Later we went to a Drive In movie !  Guardians of the Galaxy.  I haven't been to one in years.............and this is probably the LAST one I will ever go to.  I just want to be comfortable in a movie theater, with good sound, and no distractions.   Guess I'm getting to be an old fogey. 
The kids had a great time though, and that's what matters :)

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