Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fair wrap up, and back to real life.......

Treyson and Tagg participated in some games at the fair, MC'd by no other than Grandma Shirlee !!  Yeah !  In this one, they had to chew up bubble gum, and blow a bubble.
The "Snails and Tails" guy had this gorgeous tortoise roaming around.  Thatch was fascinated with it.
Of course they like the SNAKES best of all
All Cam would do was touch it................
She finally held it - VERY GENTLY AND QUICKLY  :)
I sure appreciated my family for supporting me and Stacy and Brenda.  I really liked it when they hung out with me under the shade in our booth. 
Tagg wore this backwards, because the front was dirty :)
We stopped by the Brooks to visit the kids, because we weren't sure if we would be seeing them before they left on Sunday.
Cam is sure going to miss Brightyn
Kacey still had ALOT of packing to do !
We headed up to the rodeo to save seats.  Cam is a GOOD seat saver (haha)
She LOVES the Chinese plate, but NOT the onions :)

Yeah !! - They came to the Rodeo !
These two girls are sure sweet :)

Sunday morning we made the rounds and said good-bye before Cam had to head for home.

Cam left this letter for us on the computer:
I Love Being Here And Love Seeing Every One And Kissing The Babies And Playing With Payson And Thatcher And I Hope I was A very big help with the baby and Payson.
I will miss you guys very much and do not want to go I love you and I sorry For fighting with Treyson  and  Tagg so Much . I Am Very Over Competitive And Thanks Kasey For Getting Me On Wicked And All The Other Rides I Never Thought I Would Do And I Love Her For It. The Derby Was Awesome And I was The Best Derby Ever. And The Rodeo Was Awesome Thanks For Taking Me And Ask CJ If She..... (and here she must have been interrupted, because this is where it ends :) 

Kacey and kids were leaving also, for the Philippines.  They flew out of Terminal 1 with Alaskan Airlines, so we got to see them at the airport !

And again in the Security line !
(They made it back home to Landon as of this post, and all is well)
After I got Cam off to Arizona, I headed down to 5900 S. to see Roger's new digs at the Murray Depot.
Here he is - hard at work :)

Last night (Monday) we had a doozy of a thunder, lightening, and rain storm.

It poured, and our rain gutter was clogged.......
So what does Roger D. do?    He made me VERY VERY nervous !

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