Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little bit of EVERYTHING !

This is what a broken bicep looks like............. dang :(
About 4 years ago, Rog broke his right one getting wood in the Uintahs.  We didn't realize it until 2-3 months later - too late to fix it.  Last weekend, remember what we did?  Cut down the tree and haul it away?  Yup - there goes the other one.  At least we caught this one, and hopefully next week he will have surgery to repair.  Depending on the MRI's he may be having major shoulder surgery in conjunction with the bicep fix.  We'll know more on Monday after a visit with Dr. Harrison. 
Last night CJ stopped by with Tagg and Thatch while Zac and Treyson were at football.  She had just picked up a HUGE cabbage at Grandpa D's.  They were getting rid of the excess leaves.  Miss Piggy had a hey day !
Our little goats are warming up a little.  
Miss Piggy - oh she's a sweetie.  So ugly she's cute !  If you approach her gently, she'll let you scratch behind her ears.  
Grandpa and Grandma Ben stopped by also, and we hung out in the barnyard and driveway for a little bit, watching the kids. 
Thatch has taken to his STRIDER balance bike like a champ.  All I can say, is I'm glad they have a helmet !  I don't know if you want to take the time to load up and watch the 4 minute video below, but my heck, it's sure cute.  Boy can he go !

This is the cabbage from Grandpa D's garden  20 POUNDS !!!
Now for our Philippine Crew :)
Have you EVER seen such a cute mischevious smile?
LOVE THIS BOY (and miss him too :(
Landon and Kacey went on an awesome zip line, down and across a canyon.  We saw the video.  Looks like SO MUCH FUN !
Sweet Brightyn.  No, those aren't teeth, just sparkling gums :)
Kacey said he needed a step stool for his little truck too
Here is a cute pic with Yadi, thei new doggy.  Apparently he likes to chew on Brightyn's toes, which she DOES NOT appreciate!
More at the zipline - Dads being Dads of course.......
Bed head and snotty, and we STILL love her !

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