Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice from the sky and Ice from the bucket

Hail came down on Tuesday afternoon about 3:30 pm.  Morgan was inundated.  In total that day we received and inch of rain.   I personally think certain areas received more.  The water did a number on our newly laid bark.   The hail stones in some places were marble sized or bigger.  Treyson was hit in the head and had welts, as he and Tagg and a friend were leaving school. 
Hours later, mom still had evidence in her flower garden. 
Dad's garden is still okay, and we got another big cabbage to eat.  Can you believe the size?
Yesterday, Treyson and Tagg stopped on their way home from school.  It makes me happy to have them stop by.  They are two sweet boys !
Roger - after the fact
Me - after the fact

Rog and I finally took the time to do the ALS Ice bucket challenge.  It was a fun opportunity to join in support for the horrible disease that took Linda's life.  

Rog goes in for shoulder surgery this morning.   We'll post more on that later.

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