Monday, August 18, 2014

Round Valley Ride with Scott

This post is a little late - but way back in July, we took a Ranger Ride with Zac and CJ and family with Scott Rees as our guide, up into the mountains above Round Valley.  This was BEFORE the Tunnel Hollow Fire. 

We stopped at "The Pit" - which is an old gravel pit, now filled with water. 

The boys took a minute to dip their toes :)

Thatch was onry and tired for most of the trip, but we endured.......

We all rode together, so it wasn't the usual dusty dusty ride.  Scott drove, Roger rode up front with him. 

The boys sat in the back on old cushions, and Zac and CJ and I rode in the back seat.   We spotted deer, a moose, porcupines, wild turkeys, sage grouse......and more.

This is a view of the little town of Henefer (when we got up on top) 
Where was Thatch?  I can't remember.... maybe asleep in the Ranger I think.
Many thanks to Scott, it was a great evening ride !

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