Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

They found a place to ride horses and relax.   Must not have been too hot outside.  That is usually the problem over there. 

Pretty girlies :)

Fishin' with Daddy

Payson has now had two days of school.  He wears this cute little uniform :)   The first day was pretty rough, after Dad left him.  The second day went much better, because Dad stayed :)   I guess with Landon there he felt totally comfortable, and was the "star" of the class, showing off his mad talking skills, counting skills, and overall knowledge :)    What a sweetie !

Meanwhile.............back in the USA.  Our family got together at the property for a lunch.  All of the kids had a grea time playing together. 

The Bettinson Bunch !

Playing chess - two little boys being taught by the PROS :)

Then we headed down for the Ogden Temple Open House Tour

Brian's mission papers are in !   Can't wait to hear where he will be serving.

Got Dad to smile :)  That's an accomplishment !

Erika had an extra ticket, so Treyson came with us.  His 2nd time !

This is now the BACK of the temple (facing west).  This is where they have the open house tours start.  They end coming out the front of the temple facing Washington Blvd.  We were on one of the last tours for the day. 

They have this cool photo opportunity in the exhibition tents outside the temple,  but with our big group, we pretty much drowned out the temple !

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