Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our first day at Disneyland

Catching breakfast at the hotel before heading out for th e day.  It was a good thing they ATE BIG.......because we didn't get to have supper until about 8pm at night - with only a few snacks in between.
Disneyland was all decked out in Halloween finery !
We started in Fantasyland, with Peter Pan's adventure, Snow White's adventure, Wild Toad's Ride, Pinnochio's was super crowded, and HOT HOT HOT.  I read later that temperature records wre broken, wouldn't you just know...........    All in all the kids were EXCELLENT, seriously.  Such good boys, given the circumstances.
Thatcher looks pretty serious - as we went through the whale's mouth !
On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad -  Tagg LOVES LOVES LOVES wild rides !
Jungle Safari
Inside (and outside) - the Haunted Mansion was overtaken by Jack Skelly? from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - it was awesome!!  Any inside ride was awesome on a hot day like we had. 
On the raft, headed to Tom Sawyer's Island, or should I say "The Pirate's Lair" - it seems TONS of things have changed.  It's no longer The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse - it's Tarzan's Treehouse, and The 20,000 leagues under the sea submarine will soon be Nemo's Submarine Adventure (it was closed).  
We did our best to keep up.  By afternoon noon, our steps were starting to falter, and we took refuge in any shade we could find at times. 
We found Eeyore !!
And HUGS for TIGGER !!
Woody !! YEAH !!
After visiting with Tinkerbell, Tagg was determined to deliver a message from Tink to Peter Pan.  He sat patiently watching and waiting for Pan.   He and CJ walked around Fantasyland a little bit to see if they could find him (we were told he would be coming), and all of a sudden when they were gone, I  saw him run past !!  I about had a freak out moment, trying to yell, run after him, and call CJ all at one time on my phone.  Tagg had waited and wanted so BADLY to see him !!
Finally with Alice and Wonderland watching nearby - he delivered Tink's message to Pan.
Tagg was SO INTO IT !!  He's just about the right age for this :)
Treyson on the other hand felt a little bit old for it,  and was a little uncomfortable :)

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