Sunday, September 14, 2014

Great Saturday

Our Philippines gang is in Manilla for the weekend.   It's raining there, and Landon said they were totally drenched !

They are not used to the tub, since they only have a shower.  Kacey said Payson wouldn't get out - even after having been in there for 45 minutes !

I had previously Facebooked this picture, but wanted to add it on the blog.  I love these two so much !  They are such hard workers.  I love to help them do tomatoes :)  

She's a PRO !

Treyson at Soccer

He played SO good !  Really got in the game.  

Kaydence and Thatcher had a great time :)

On Daddy's shoulders

Treyson's football game was later in the day, and boy was it LONG.........
It was HOT too.  They scored a touchdown in the first drive of the game, within the first 5 minutes I would say, and then the game remained scoreless the rest of the time.  He played really well, and had a lot of fun !

These two yahoos.............

Good Game Bud !

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