Thursday, September 18, 2014

California Adventure

Headed out for another day !   Weather reports said it wouldn't be as HOT today - and they were a little bit right ;)
Worst part of the day was waiting until they opened the gates.  Then it was OFF TO RADIATOR SPRINGS !!!  
Thank goodness they had MISTERS.  The line wasn't too bad - and WHAT A CUTE RIDE !!!  WOW, that's all I can say.  
Thatcher wasn't quite tall enough, so we took turns keeping him company while other rode CARS at Radiator Springs.
It was such a cute little part of the park.  I loved it !
With a tractor :)
With Pa and Daddy !
On the Tractor ride with Daddy
Meeting Lightnin' McQueen
Thatch had to show him his Lightnin' McQueen CUP.  So So cute.
In Bug's land we met FLIK
Back on the CARS ride once again - used our FAST PASS.  
Climbing in the jungle gym, trying to find Kevin from UP.
Another great day for the boys - they were great !
Paradise Pier - kind of like Coney Island atmostphere.  The roller coaster was AWESOME !
Pixar Parade - I think Thatcher's little arm should be tired.  He waved and waved and waved..  Here is is waving to DORY from Finding NEMO.
There's WOODY again !
Cool street - look like it goes on forever......but it's just a painting.     I think I liked California Adventure's different "towns" better than Disneyland !   Great Day - a little bit cooler, not nearly as crowded.   Today we are headed to the SAN DIEGO ZOO - and it's supposed to be EVEN COOLER !!  YEAH!!  Now if my feet can just hold up.  They hurt so bad from so much walking last night, I just cried.......  But I sure slept good !!

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