Friday, September 19, 2014

San Diego Zoo - Sandy Beach (Coronado Island)

Wish I had his energy !  Here Tagg is, ready to take on the San Diego Zoo with map in hand.  They LOVE the maps of all the areas, and study them, and plan where to go.   
The zoo was pretty spectacular.  I've only been there once when I was about 6 years old, and I can't remember it at all.  
Face painting was a hit - Dragon
Baby Tiger :)
Loch Ness Monster, only he wanted it RED :)
These boys have been so good - yes there have been moments.......but not very many, and it's been great being with them. 
Roger D. :)   
I know - I's Poop !!  Yup, he was right?  

Big SNAKE  - glad for the glass window :)
Watching two little viscious turtles go at it.  Highlight of the day ! 
Love our grandkids !
After the zoo - we traveled over a BIG BRIDGE to Coronado Island, where we found a public beach that wasn't crowded at all.  The waves were HUGE.  Boy did these boys have a great time. 
Thatcher's first time at the OCEAN.  He kept saying OCEAN over and over.  So cute :)  He said he wanted to find BRUCE from "Finding Nemo" - We said, NO !!  We don't want to see Bruce (Great White Shark) 
Cute Family 
Grandpa sat and enjoyed the show and the view.  That is until a big one came up and he didn't stand up quick enough and got a wet butt !!   

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