Monday, September 8, 2014

Good weekend

Landon and Family are doing well in the Philippines.  Here he is with some co-workers.
Messy Beautiful Baby !   She hit her mom's hand while eating cereal :)
Payson is loving Pre-School.  He goes 5 days a week, for 2 hours every morning.  After a rough start, he now loves it !
Dad has got some weird upside-down peppers growing in his garden :)
And even though the hail beat the heck out of his squash and pumpkin plants, they are still producing a bumper crop !  The kids have already spoken for the pumpkins they want :)
Treyson is headed to his game last Saturday.  They played Syracuse, and lost by one touchdown. 
Rog and Zac
Thatch brings toys to keep him entertained.
Tagg (in purple)  is Uncle Layne's little sidekick
With Grandpa Ben
Football Mom !!
It was a beautiful morning, and the breeze felt good.  I wasn't even in a jacket, but mom, who is always cold was :)
Up and Down - Jump Jump Jump
Most of the gang watching (or not watching:) the game. 

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