Thursday, December 15, 2016

When it rains it pours......

Yup, that's our Tagg at McKay Dee ER
Yesterday afternoon while at cub scouts, Tagg fell off a BIG retaining wall on to some cement.  The snow was slippery, mix in a bunch of boys throwing snowballs..... it was an unfortunate accident.
It's amazing that so much damage was done to his teeth, with no damage to his face at all.
He'll go to an oral surgeon today (Thursday), and be put under to fix him up.
Both top teeth, broken off !
Bottom teeth/gums pushed back flat
His wrist was broken in two places.
They were able to put him out and put it back in place.  He now has a soft cast on it.
Hopefully he won't need surgery, but that may still be a possibility. 
He's a tough little bugger, that's for sure !
He and Treyson are scheduled for tonsilectomies on Friday.
Not sure if Tagg will get his or not.  Still checking on that.

I tell you what - SO SO impressed with CJ and Zac
They are so strong. They are definately receiving the strength needed.
It is really pretty amazing.

I fell to pieces 4 times last night
1. When Zac called me on the phone at work to tell me
2. After I talked with Roger, and he told me how bad he looked (before they took him down)
3. When I called Landon to tell him to please go help Zac give him a blessing
4.  When Shirlee sent the pics to my phone

(oh - and when I couldn't get ahold of my Mom and Dad.  They had the audacity to go off to the Senior Citizen's Dinner without letting me know (wink wink, haha)

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