Friday, December 9, 2016

Apparently I am a Cat-traffiker !

A few weeks ago, I picked up some carpet in Enterprise (offered off of Morgan Classifieds), and the women who was selling it asked if I wanted a cat.  This cat had been hanging around her house (she had a cat herself), and was making himself at home, and she didn't want him around, and was sick of feeding him, and had posted on social media asking if it was anyone's cat.

Thatch and I BEGGED Roger D. and in a weak moment he said YES, and so we brought FLUFFY home.  Payson and Brightyn especially loved her. 

She is such a good kitty, and let's them haul her around. 
We made her a bed, and area all to herself (She is actually a HE, but I think she looks like a SHE) an got an old baby gate, and put it up so that Lucky couldn't come up and steal her food.  Roger didn't like her running in the house when the door was opened, or hiding in the garage and sitting on the cars, and getting paw prints all over them.  It was causing some discontent to say the least at our house, so.........
I posted on Morgan Mom's and guess what?  Someone from Enterprise said, "That looks like my cat that went missing !".  So we are in the process of getting FLUFFY (real name is Brahms) back to his/her owner tonight.  I'm glad that she is happy, and Roger D is GOING to be happy.

THEN !!!  She takes to Morgan Mom's with this RANT last night on FB.

Okay, I am going to be as candid as possible with this post. I'm sure PETA might come after me, but it is what it is.
We live in a rural town, have you seen how many fields and hills we have? While lovely and serene, those hills and fields are filled with rodents. The only thing that stops those rodents from living in your nice warm house is the fact that people around here keep outdoor cats. These cats are absolutely necessary! However, I have noticed a current trend has begun on this facebook page, we'll call it Cat trafficking. I am firmly speaking out against Cat trafficking today! If it isn't yours, don't give it away! Cats are hunters, that is their first primal instinct. They roam the hills searching for mice, every now and then they will take an extended hunting trip that will last 2-3 days. I have even heard of people whose cats have been gone a month and then return from hunting. There is even a documentary that follows cats on their hunting trips and talks all about it! I am extremely grateful for their hunting skills, because I highly dislike mice.
Last night I finally found my kitty who had gone missing, where you might ask? Not by the side of the road. I found him here on this facebook page. I found out he had been given away by some neighbors. So here are a few things you can look at if you are worried about that cat outside your house.
1. If it has all of its toes this means it has shelter and is not dying of frostbite.
2. If it is not emaciated and losing its hair, this means it has food.
3. If it is tame, meaning it is incredibly friendly and lets you hold it, this means it has someone who loves it and plays with it.
4. if you do not want this cat living with you, don't feed it. If you feed it , it will come back for food every day.
5. If it is not causing physical damage to your property be grateful that it is there, because it's probably eating the mice that are sneaking into your home.
6. it's most likely just out for a wander, it will return home as soon as it has finished its job.
Take a stance today against Cat Trafficking!

I didn't appreciate it, because I had just posted on Morgan Moms about this cat, and NOW everyone knows I was involved......what did Roger D. have to say?  HE. JUST. LAUGHED.  HA. HA.  

End of story, I guess we can't have nice things........ I mean cats, around our house   :(

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