Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cute new addition

Meet Talon

This is what CJ had to say about him:
I was looking on KSL and found this sweet boy for sale and I fell in love! He was born on Tenzin's birthday and he already had a "T" name so I felt like he fit and when I went to pick him up today I found out there were four male puppies and one of them passed away. Leaving three brothers! Hopefully he helps to heal some broken hearts around here.💙 I'm already so in love!
Isn't he a cutie?
Here he is with his Daddy.  Such a sweet little thing.  He is doing really good at the Rich Ranch, going potty outside, and sleeping in his kennel really well.  Tonight when I took Payson and Brightyn over there, he thought Bright was a squeeze toy !  I guess it was because she was so small, and had a high pitched squeel, saying over and over, he's so cute !  He kept trying to nip and chew on her.  It was pretty cute, quite a bit of squeeling and excitement !!

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