Saturday, December 24, 2016

A December to Remember

Grandma Shirlee posted this today.  It makes me sad.  It looks cold and lonely.  It is hard to not have Tenzin with us, where we can hold and snuggle him.  I have to keep reminding myself that he is okay, and safe, and warm, and happy, and watching over us.  It is hard though, especially when others who have had new babies post things on FB, or you see them, and it is just really hard.  
Monday, before Manda and Cam went home, we went down to City Creek Center, and browsed around, and then to the Joseph Smith Building, where we waited in lobby, got warm, listened to choirs sing, and waited for Roger D. to meet us for lunch at The Garden.  There is Manda down there on the couch, and LuAnn, in the chair in white. 
Funky lights in the pic !
Cam, Grandma Ben, and Manda
The boys are still recuperating, Treyson from the tonsillectomy, and Tagg from.........everything !  Don't remember if I posted that he ended up with surgery on his wrist, placing a pin.  Not fun.  He had a nerve block in his neck, to numb his arm, so they wouldn't have to put him completely out and intubate him (because of the tonsils).  He got that cool two headed dragon at Build a Bear, while waiting all day (without food), for the operation.  
Our Assessor's Office Crew
Me, Jenni, Matt, Mindy
We caught the Christmas Spirit for our County Christmas Party.
A new game, lent by a friend.
Otrio !!  Fun times. 
Payson and Brightyn with Lucky.
We watched them over night while their parentals partied.
Payson has his ELF hat from Grandma Carol's Christmas party earlier during the day. 
Payson liked to play, "Christmas", and here is Bright, sitting on Santa's lap, with his helped ELF. 
And what do you want for Christmas little ELF?
Such a sweetheart
Bright too !
Relaxing in front of the firplace.
Teeth (top and bottom) all "welded" together in homes they can be saved.  He had a rootcanal on the top two.  We'll just have to wait and see. 
Me in my Minion PJ's with a beautiful hanging macrame' from Edna in Bacolod.  Bless her heart. 
Chore time ! With a little help from Thatch. 
Had to get a SNOW PIC with our AZ Girlie
Payson at the Brooks/Allen Family Christmas Party at the Lion's Lodge.  Wow !!  Santa AND the Grinch??
Ry and Thatch
At the Layton Aquarium at the Layton Mall (before wrist surgery) - trying to kill some time, keep a boy happy, and with nothing to eat.......
Mink Farm - Dad's working there, and the boys went to check it out. 
Library Story Hour - Thatch wouldn't get dressed that day..... Sometimes it's just not worth the battle ;)
A close up of Tagg's front teeth after the root canal, with the CLEAR "cementer" thingy in place. 
Apparently this is Chippy?  Cheeky? the Elf and Payson and Brightyn's home.  Apparently you DO NOT TOUCH THE ELF (or he loses his magic).  Apparently Grandma Gwen didn't KNOW this..........  No wonder Brightyn looked like I had just killed something, when I removed him from the stove, and tried to hand him to her........  Oh My - My bad !!
Cam and Elle - sleeping after a hard day of Christmas baking. 
Cam's newly painted bedroom.  Pretty light gray.
Good job MOM and Cam !!'

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