Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dickson Family Christmas Party

Sunday night we got together as Mom's and had ham on rolls, and bunch of other good food.  We are so happy Manda and Cam could be here for these two parties we've had.  They haven't been around for these parties for YEARS !!
Tagg and Treyson came over.  Feeling a little better since their tonsilectomies, and Tagg's mishap.  Though still not 100% as you can see..........
They were able to eat jello and soft rolls, and some shrimp (Tagg did).  Tagg felt quite a bit better after he got some food in him.   He was "hangry"
We busted out LCR aka "The Quarter Game".  It was fun as usual. 
Mark won the first game.......
The next game went back and forth between Dax and Tagg
Finally Tagg came out the winner.  Check out the attached videos at the bottom. 
We put the tables away, and divided into boy/girl teams, and played our annual Pictionary game. 
This always gets alot of laughs. 
Devin was the token "girl" on our team. 
Tagg was beginning to feel the effects of the party.
Rootbeer floats, and then time to go home. 
One last pic and Zac and Cj's after the party.
What a great night !

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