Sunday, December 11, 2016

Mrs. Santa Claus

Grandma Shirlee, or in Thatcher's case, Nana Daw...... has an alter ego !
Mrs. Claus !
Friday afternoon she was able to go to Morgan Elementary and read stories to Tagg's 3rd grade class, and a few other classes.  He was so proud when she walked in. 
He had a smile a MILE WIDE :)
He was proud !
(see video of Mrs. Claus below) 
Then we walked back to his class......
....and Thatcher was able to sit by him, and he was so kind to Thatcher.  Ms. Booker, had each of the children who wanted to, share some of their family traditions.  (watch Tagg's in the video below)
Hi Grandma.......I mean Mrs. Claus (haha)
Tagg with Ms. Booker
Afterwards, we went to lunch at Jay's and met Grandpa Roger, then Thatcher went to preschool.  

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